MLM: Home Based Travel Business – Worldventures: Opportunity or Not?

With hundreds of network marketing companies being raised every year it is difficult to know which pose a good opportunity to you or just to their creators. In almost every case the respective compensation plans are complicated, and like any business, are designed to ensure its own future profitability and sustainability. Every company offers a product either tangible (tablets, nutritious products etc) or intangible products like memberships. So how do you know whether your company is better than another or if it’s products are sellable.

For those of you interested in travel and leisure and would like to link those passions with a Network Marketing opportunity, I will focus this article on Worldventures, in particular it’s legitimacy as a company, it’s compensation plan and your chances of success as one of their Independent Representatives.


Worldventures has been around since 10 December 2005. At the time of writing this document the company boasted a membership of over 110,000 Independent Representatives in 24 countries. These statistics were pulled directly from the company’s website so might be subject to some conjecture. That aside Worldventures has a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Code of Business Practices. BBB’s coding system declares that fraudulent companies get a rating no better than an ‘F’, so in that context the answer to my question above is ‘yes, Worldventures is a legitimate business’. It is clear, however, that Worldventures does have some accreditation issues, which centre around poor or slow dispute resolution of complaints.

Is Worldventures a good business opportunity or not? According to the Worldventures compensation plan, up to 60 % of earnings are distributed to the Independent Representatives. If only it was that simple! Like every networking marketing company there are a series of additional conditions like lineage and balancing wings etc that effectively limits Independent Representative payouts. There are also other inducements like car loans and home loan support, which are fantastic, as long as you can maintain your eligibility status. To balance my above points about the compensation plan, it is worth noting that all network marketing companies apply variations of this system in their compensation plans and there are people who do manage to earn very high incomes by selling within the confines of these financial structures. So, why is it that one person succeeds and another doesn’t?

MLM success.

In most cases success within any MLM business can be attributed to knowledge / ‘knowhow’ – Your individual knowledge of marketing and leveraging of the Internet. This criteria is as relevant for Worldventures as all MLM companies.

Most people blindly enter a MLM business opportunity, target friends and family to make the initial sales targets and then stagnate because they don’t know how to generate leads efficiently and regularly in order to continue growing their downline. Some will spend sizable sums of money on ineffective advertising or work themselves to the grave in a vain attempt to market their product and recruit new members. This lack of knowledge and the resulting effect is what usually forces participants to quit and not realise anything close to the levels of wealth they dreamed about. In most cases they do not have a good trainer, leader or mentor to show them the way of Solution Based Marketing and the full power of the internet. It’s this knowledge, not so much The Opportunity that leads to success as a network marketer.


Like any business venture, and lets be honest, becoming an Independent Representative with Worldventures is a business venture, must be treated as such to be successful. You must have a plan, you must get quality training and you must dedicate regular and consistent time to your business.

Success and longevity in any MLM business is dependent on 1) You and your knowledge; 2) having a good product; and finally and also least importantly; 3) Being part of a good company. When you satisfy the above criteria success becomes a viable possibility rather than just a dream.

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